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Adventure Tours

Click on numbers below for accommodation and photos of last NZ tour.

mappa della Nuova ZelandaThe reason why New Zealand is unique and for so long unspoilt is precisely why to get there is difficult, it’s a long way from anywhere – some 32-38 hours travel from Europe. To make the journey easier we stop over in Asia/Middle East after leaving Europe.

Then it is straight to Auckland from where we simply head south over volcanoes and through the landscape of Middle Earth to the chic of Wellington. Over the Cook Strait we pass through the Southern Alps and kayak through fjords and rainforest (and yes, it rains) until we can’t really go much south in the antipodes of the world.
We forge onwards to Christcurch from where we fly out.

That was the intro, you’ll find a description of the last tour below. And do bear in mind that no two tours are exactly the same as your guide tries to take into account the wishes of each unique group. We might leave out Australia for the next tour to give us more time in New Zealand.

To go ahead tours require at least 5 people. The max. is 10.

For more on New Zealand please visit

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