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Blue Mountains AustraliaSo what's it all about?
Anyone serious about learning English needs to practise it in real situations. On KiwiVenture tours you are given the opportunity to speak, hear and breathe authentic English. You order the meal and the drinks and converse rather than your guide. This allows you to put your English into practice with your teacher/guide on hand to provide help and support as and where appropriate. We take you out of the classroom and into the jungle - but with your language instructor still at your side providing feedback and encouragment. And as you see  we really do get out into the wilderness.
                                              Blue Mountains Australia 2005
Get a real insight into the local scene           
Your language adventure guide grew up in New Zealand where he studied Journalism and Politics. Drawing on this and experience as an English teacher he and other local guides will inform you about the local history and culture, it will all be in English of course. If you ever wondered why every textbook has an article on adventure sports in New Zealand now you get to find out why. The difference here is that the listening, questions and discussion will all be on location. You get to visit the traditional highlights but we like to get a bit off the well-trodden tourist route and show you some of the less-visited nooks and crannies of New Zealand too.

Kaikoura Swimming with DolphinsThe Spin
When the jet boat skipper yells out - Hold on! We're about to do a 360° spin at 50km/h”
You find that you learn English pretty fast – there is not much time for classroom angst.
In-company courses can help some but for many they are just an ordeal. We try to take the stress out of learning English and put the fun back in. While you are at it we also urge you to learn a little Maori and even talk with dolphins underwater. How you manage to talk underwater is for you to figure out but we do know that the dolphins respond to human noises and are extra impressed by any diving acrobatics you can perform.
                                              Kaikoura New Zealand 2005

The Accommodation
We keep away from hotels. Travelling in small groups, we stay in people-friendly, relaxed ‘character’ accomodation of good quality. The aim is to create intimate settings where you can mix with folks from Britain, the US, Ireland, Japan and so on – after all the language of travel is English. For more details on each day’s accommodation just have a look at the programme.

Food and wine
New Zealand boasts a fast growing reputation as home to some fine new world wines and Pacific rim cuisine. We try to sample something different each day and visit the wine-growing region of Marlborough to taste the real McCoy. And a glass of wine or two does help get your English going. And Scotland is far more than haggis and tatties.

Inglese per ogni occasioneA Personalized Tour
There is a good reason why KiwiVenture tours are limited in number. Participants for each tour are, as far as possible, matched with others with complimentary personalities and common interests. Also, your guide tries to include individual wishes and focus on your individual English learning needs. The idea is to offer rich and rewarding encounters with local people and other travellers providing some depth to your visit.

                                                                     Rotorua New Zealand 2005